Aircraft Sales & Leasing

Aircraft Sales & Leasing

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Our aircraft procurement department is specialized in locating off-market opportunities to the demands of our respected clients.

We will locate the perfect airplane for your purposes as we can provide aircrafts of any manufacturer, commercial or private planes, narrow or wide body units with your preferred interior configuration.

We can provide new aircrafts directly from the manufacturing plant, like the Airbus A320 Neo or Boeing Dreamliner, with large discount from the list price, immediate and short-term availability and guaranteed deliveries per month.

Our range of preowned planes is not limited; be it newer models like the Airbus A330 or out of  production types such as the Boeing 737 classic generation.

While the aircraft may be preowned, we offer with high remaining life at great prices.

All will be accomplished while maintaining a “low-key” approach as we operate off-market.


As an agent of an aviation financing company located in Europe, we are able to offer different solutions if purchasing is not the right method for you to obtain the plane.

We can provide, but are not limited to, lease purchase, hire purchase or wet-lease solutions.


For any questions or to inquire for airplane procurement or to request our portfolio of available aircrafts for sale and lease, please contact us via


We are at your service and are looking forward to helping you obtain the right choice of plane.



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