Frequently Asked Questions

  • If searched for spare part cannot be located in the inventory or per the search module, does it mean Civil Aero Parts (CAP) is not capable to provide said item?

With over 30 years of experience in aviation, especially in supplying spare parts for our customers, we are able to provide any component you require for your demands.

If the requested spare part is not found on our website, please contact with your inquiry.

We will revert to you accordingly in shortest possible time with all necessary information at hand.


  • Does CAP provide AOG short term availability service?

Yes, we do. Kindly declare your request accordingly (AOG).


  • In which condition do you sell spare parts?

Any condition the customer requests.

We provide new, OEM, OH, serviceable, removed as spare parts and have done so successfully for many years.


  • Does CAP also sell spare parts, engines or aircrafts on our behalf?

Yes, we do.

If you wish for us to sell your assets, please contact us via for selling your spare parts, for selling your engines, for selling your aircrafts.

For any other type of asset, please contact

We shall revert to you as soon as possible.


  • What type of planes does CAP sell?

We are not limited to any manufacturer or size of commercial or private aircraft.

We provide our customers with new and preowned, narrow and wide body, jet or turboprop aircrafts.

Be it a private plane with as little as 8 seats or the Airbus A380 with over 800 seats.

To request our portfolio of available aircrafts for sale or lease, please contact


  • Does CAP handle also inquiries for helicopters?

We will handle inquiries as long as it is a helicopter for civilian purposes.

We have access to various helicopter models for civilian purposes.

Please contact for any inquiries concerning helicopters.


  • Can CAP also provide financing solutions to acquire airplanes?

We are the agent of an aviation financing company and accordingly are able to offer various finance and lease solutions.

Please contact for further information.


  • ACMI / Wet-lease opportunities available?

We can offer ACMI / Wet-lease proposals.

Please contact for further information.